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Sooooo many ways to wear Florals!


So many dancers know exactly what they want, and what they plan to do with the clips, but I know there are some of you out there that are perplexed as to what exactly to do with them! Sure, it's easy to say "just clip it in!" but you'll probably want some options too . . . that's where this page comes in.

I'll show you options of wearing a single, large clip, as well as options with "pairs" of floral clips! Sorry, I've got long hair and can't really give options for those of you with short hair. But I don't think I've ever seen someone with short hair, NOT be able to tie a scarf, and clip some florals and tribal accessories to the scarf! 

Okay, let's start off. This is me, nothing in my hair. (So you see what we're starting with)

We'll start off with a 

"Single" large clip 

This is basically one clip with any number of florals on it. 

This is the clip that I'm using in the following "single clip" shots (one of my personal favourites!)



Single clip, just holding one side of my hair up

Now a simple, low ponytail, holding all the hair back

Still with the single, I've got the clip half way up, with about half my hair clipped in
Hair now up in a bun, with the floral clipped beneath. Please note, I'm not great at securing buns, and as this was not for a performance it was rather sloppy ;) I've placed a couple of hair sticks in just to secure it 

Here I've merely added a scarf, with the floral clipped just above where the scarf is tied. 

This is a GREAT basic style to start with! Feel free to play as you can add all sorts of gorgeous things once you have that base of a scarf to clip to! 

Add more florals on either side of the center floral piece; add necklaces or earrings by clipping them to the scarf . . . just play! 

Now we'll work with 

Pair of clips . . . 

Again, the ones shown here are a pair of my personal clips . . . 

Here I've got my hair pulled up in two small pigtails, with the majority of my hair still long. I've put one clip just in front of the pigtails. (Not a great photo as it only shows one side!) 

Note, doing up a couple of pigtails also allows you to add cowry falls, or other dangling lovelies to the pigtails, but still have your hair long! 

(Oh, and if you tie a scarf in front of the pigtails, they also help prevent it from sliding back!) 
Again, clipped up at both sides, but this time without the pigtails

Now, clips on either side of a "high" ponytail . . . 

Here I've got a high bun, one clip on either side . . . 

Tying the hair back to a low ponytail, adding a scarf, then a large clip on either side of the ponytail. 

When you use a large, loose scarf, you can also hide bobby pins in the layers of the scarf, without having them show!
Those "non slip" stretchy headbands work WONDERFUL as a base before you tie your scarf on. (Try to keep it a similar color to the scarf you'll be using, but either way, you'll be covering that with the scarf.) 

Just a few extra pics of  "Hair Gardens"!  (I sooooo love that term!) 

Well, I hope that helped to inspire you a bit! Feel free to play, and remember, make it unique and make it yours!

(You can't get it wrong if you feel beautiful . . .now go out and DANCE woman! :))