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Care and Feeding of Coin Bras

Coin bras are like pets. You have to seriously think about which ones you choose, as hopefully they will be with you for a long time. You want the pretty ones, the ones that catch your eye, the ones that you can just HEAR calling out to you "buuuuyyyy meeeeee . . . . I swear, I'll make you a better dancer!" (Come on, admit it, we've all done it!!) But just remember . . . these need tender loving care too!

Just like pets, you have to love them; keep them clean; give them a home; and take them out to play as often as possible!

The following are all my personal "tips on the care and feeding of coin bras". These are totally my personal opinions, and what I've learned from experience.

~ I keep my personal coin bras in a Rubbermaid drawer-style container. I DO NOT keep them in an air tight container as you do want them to have air able to circulate. 

~ For those bras where the cup might be a little "softer", or those with loads of coins on them, I actually stuff the cups a bit to help keep their shape.

~ I keep all of those little silica gel packets from items such as purses, wallets etc and throw them into the drawer with the bras. You know the packets, they absorb moisture, and say "do not eat" ;) 

~ Personally, I don't like the idea of hanging bras for any length of time. Although it may display them nicely, it may cause straps to lose shape and possibly even the cups to warp a bit. I just wouldn't take the chance. (Tuck them away and peer into the drawer every once in awhile when you need a morale boost ;)

~ In regards to cleaning . . . don't do it. At least not with water. Keep them as fresh as possible by occasionally spraying them with something like Febreeze (after a performance) but make sure you let them air out and dry thoroughly before you put them away.

~ For any of the bras on my site here that have feathers, take extra care to lay these flat when not in use. If any of the feathers get crushed or bent, a very (I mean VERY) light steaming will help to straighten them out.

~ Speaking of the feather trimmed bras, whenever possible, when performing, I'd try to wear your bra to the venue, rather than stuff it into a dance bag. If you do have to carry it with you, take the time and space to put it into a small shoe box so the feathers don't get crushed.

Below are random photos of some of my sistah dancers in their bras that I've made; some of me in my own bras; and others I've sold to Etsy customers . . .