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                              the alter ego . . . 

I want a custom bra, 

                but will it FIT ME??

So, you want a bra, but aren't sure it will fit? I can relate to your trepidation girl! For anyone that has EVER experienced the frustration of buying bras, you know . . . 


(aaaaaauuuuuggghhhh . . . ) 

I know, I know, don't know why but it's a fact of life. Like dropping a piece of buttered toast. You just know what side will hit the floor. Anyway, the following "equation" is what I've come up with in order to take the mystery out of custom coin bra sizing! Trust me, it works . . . 

On my Etsy site, under the descriptions, I list 3 measurements for each bra that I list for sale. I always put the original size of what the bra base was, then I put in my comments as to what I feel the bra would actually fit, now that it is fully embellished.

But I always ask enquiring customers as to whether or not they've ever been "professionally fit" for a bra. Approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! (FYI, most have the cup size one or two sizes too small, and the band size at least one or two sizes too large!!)

Anyway, with these pics, you can now measure a favourite bra of your own, and compare these measurements to my coin bra! As always, I will still take returns, but this will help to give you more confidence in the purchase of your lovely new tribal goodie!!

Step 1 "A"

Find a favourite bra of your own, one that has a firm, molded cup. (This makes measuring it easier) 

Keep in mind, if you will be wearing your new coin bra over a choli, make sure that the bra you are measuring will FIT over a choli!

Measure from the inside (NOT outer cup, not while wearing it) and go from the center gore, across the nipple area, almost to the top of the wire where it would be under the arm. 

This is now your "A" number . . . 

Step 2 "B"

Measure from the lower middle (bottom of the gore); to the upper section to where the strap starts. 


Note that this measurement will vary if you have a cup that goes higher up towards the shoulder, or more of a "balconette" style. So be sure to keep that in mind when comparing your bra to the coin bra. 

This is now your "B" number . . .  

Step 3 "C"

Now you are measuring the distance from the middle of the underwire, to the middle of the underwire. (Clear as mud?) 

(Actually, ignore where it says measurement in the photo, that is a bit misleading . . . middle of the underwire to middle of underwire. THAT is what you want!) 

This is now your "C" number . . . 

So now, compare your A, B, and C numbers to what you see in the Etsy description. Give or take 1/2 an inch generally won't make a difference. But feel free to message me if you're unsure!